LMS 40, 68, 100

LMS 40, 68, 100

LUBRINOX® LMS SERIES are very good quality general purpose machine oil series. These are formulated from solvent refined base stock and additives like detergent and dispersal to provide proper lubrication to machine parts and keep them clean for a longer period.

Available pack Size

  • 20 Ltr
  • 50 Ltr
  • 210 Ltr


  • Recommended for use in any machinery for the lubrication purpose.


  • Avoid friction between two parts and thus prevents wear.
  • Sufficient lubrication to machine components.
  • Keep machine clean.
  • Prevents rust and corrosion.


Avoid prolonged and repeated contact with used oil. Used oil contains potentially harmful contaminants. Keep out of reach of children. Used oil must be disposed off carefully to prevent damage to environment.

Typical Characteristics

ISO VG GRADE 40 68 100
Appearance Bright & Clear Bright & Clear Bright & Clear
Kin. Viscosity, @40˚C, cst 40 68 100
Viscosity Index, min 95 95 95
Flash Point, ˚C, COC, min
Pour Point, ˚C, max
Copper strip corrosion at 100˚C, for 3 Hours