LGO 80W-90

LGO 80W-90

LUBRINOX® LGO 80W-90 is excellent quality multi-grade gear oil designed for heavy duty services. This gear oil contains extreme pressure additive along with other performance additives to provide utmost satisfaction in operation. LUBRINOX® LGO 80W-90 meets all the required standards of API GL-5.

Available pack Size

  • 1 Ltr
  • 5 Ltr
  • 20 Ltr
  • 50 Ltr
  • 210 Ltr


  • Recommended for hypoid differential, rear axle and final drives requiring API GL-5 performance.
  • Other heavy duty industrial & automotive applications involving hypoid gears.


  • Very good thermal & chemical stability, increased load bearing capacity.
  • Excellent performance even under heavy load conditions, reduce wear & longer component life.
  • Fuel economy.


Avoid prolonged and repeated contact with used Gear oil. Used Gear oil contains potentially harmful contamination. Keep out of reach of children. Used Gear oil must be disposed off carefully to prevent damage to environment.

Typical Characteristics

Appearance Bright & Clear
Kinematic Viscosity@ 100⁰ C, cSt 16-17
Viscosity Index, min 105
Flash point, (COC)⁰ C, min 220
Pour Point, ⁰ C, max -27
Copper corrosion @100⁰ C, for 3 hrs 1b